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What is an Infographic Resume? Examples and Templates

What’s an Infographic Resume? Examples and Templates

When the trendy activity seek is extremely aggressive, how are you able to safeguard your resume sticks out amongst loads of programs? An infographic resume may well be simply what you wish to have.

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Right here, we’ll discover when to worth an infographic resume, what hiring managers have to mention about some of these resumes — and the way to construct one for your self.

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What’s an infographic resume?

An infographic resume is a sight illustration of your activity revel in, abilities, and {qualifications}.

In lieu of being text-based like a standard resume, an infographic resume makes use of crystal clear design parts reminiscent of icons, graphs, and timelines to give your knowledge.

When to Usefulness an Infographic Resume

Year infographic resumes undoubtedly arise out amongst a sea of submissions, this sort of resume isn’t suitable for all activity programs.

If you happen to post a resume on this structure via an applicant monitoring machine, you must disqualify your self if the era can’t learn sight knowledge — so it’s best possible to stick with the structure prescribed by way of the activity posting.

Moreover, pace an infographic resume could be a good suggestion for a extra design-related position, it’s most probably no longer a good suggestion for many non-design roles.

Infographic Resume Templates

If you happen to’re curious about developing your personal infographic resume, let’s check out some templates you’ll worth to get began.

1. Easy infographic resume template.

This easy and minimum infographic resume template is from Venngage.

On this instance, there’s enough quantity of white area. The resume additionally highlighted ingenious and device abilities and left area for spare time activities.

infographic resume templates, simple infographic resume template

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What we adore: It’s blank and simple to practice. Every division is obviously outlined and simple to scan. Plus, the spherical icons build a cohesive design component that brings the entire glance in combination.

2. Impressive design infographic resume template.

This template may be from Venngage. This infographic template could be best possible for any individual in a design position reminiscent of a crystal clear fashion designer, or perhaps a technical position.

infographic resume templates, A dark blue infographic resume template example from Venngage.

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What we adore: The design trait on the zenith of the resume straight away grabs the eye of the viewer and deals a sight review of the applicant’s abilities.

3. Advertising infographic resume template.

On this template from Venngage, you’ll see technical abilities and academic coaching soak up nearly all of the area at the resume, signaling that that is probably the most impressive knowledge.

nfographic resume, marketing template

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There’s additionally a timeline of labor revel in on the base, which is an artistic solution to exhibit your profession development.

What we adore: This template is best possible for a advertising position because it deals a balanced solution to exhibit each technical abilities and artistic parts.

The right way to Construct an Infographic Resume

1. Get started with a excellent construction.

Get started by way of understanding which software you’re taking to worth to build your infographic. Chances are you’ll make a selection to build one in PowerPoint or worth pre-made resume templates on a design site like Canva or Venngage.

As soon as you select your software, establish a excellent construction. Do you wish to have your title and a short lived opening description on the zenith? Would you would like put the schooling division at the start, or finish? Are you going to incorporate earlier positions, or center of attention on simply the tide one?

Moreover, you could wish to determine whether or not you’re taking to center of attention extra on icons and photographs, or information.

“I love when candidates use infographics as an opportunity to highlight their creative or design abilities,” stocks Devon Brown, Director of International Govt Recruiting at HubSpot.

On the other hand, she urges applicants to safeguard their design is blank and simply digestible.

“It has to be formatted in a way that makes it just as easy to read as a typical resume,” Brown advises. “The flow of information, and how it’s presented, is critically important if a candidate chooses to go this route.”

2. Consider of the whole lot you wish to have to incorporate on your infographic resume.

If you’ve selected a construction, jerk up an current resume and have in mind of the whole lot you wish to have to switch over to the infographic resume.

“I’ve had candidates share graphics on the types of roles they’ve supported, as well as metrics related to their current role,” says Kenny Nestle, HubSpot’s G&A recruiter.

For example, if you wish to have your infographic resume to be data-heavy, scribble ailing a couple of key metrics linked for your tide position, reminiscent of “43% YoY growth” or “12% building up in MRR.”

It’s more uncomplicated to design your infographic resume as soon as you recognize what you’ll wish to come with.

3. Make a selection a excellent colour scheme.

A cohesive colour scheme is a important property of any excellent design, and that is negative exception.

Believe the use of blank, complementary colours — like white, dark, and orange, or yellow and teal — to assistance your resume arise out with out turning into too distracting.

4. Have a powerful opener.

This can be a best possible follow for any resume, however in particular for an infographic, you’ll need initially a excellent, tough opener.

Tríona O’Sullivan, HubSpot’s former world advertising recruiter, stocks how very important the opener is on any resume.

“Given how competitive and busy the job market is today,” O’Sullivan says, “it’s more important to ensure your resume is easy to review and states your experience and achievements clearly and quickly since that’s what someone is going to look for first when reviewing.”

In the long run, your opener is your price proposition. What’s going to you convey to the position that the hiring supervisor can’t in finding in different places?

5. Usefulness excellent design rules.

If you wish to build an infographic resume, it must worth the similar design rules as anything you’d design.

Those rules come with:

  • Developing steadiness the use of both linear or asymmetrical designs.
  • Leveraging distinction to focus on sure parts.
  • The usage of motion to build a story and lend a top of the range person revel in.
  • Making sure there’s solidarity on your design — i.e. your composition’s parts are in guarantee.

Pull a dive into design rules on this publish to construct positive your resume is top-notch.

However even though you’re creating a design-forward resume, construct the context a concern over the whole lot else. Amelia Towle, HubSpot’s head of brand name infrastructure and design workforce supervisor, spoke along with her workforce at the doable deserves of an infographic resume.

Accumulation your design easy.

“If I consider the aim of a resume, it’s a file that your meant target market generally desires to scan as temporarily as imaginable to glean knowledge in an effective approach,” she says.

She continues, “If you happen to significantly regulate the structure, you’re possibly forcing excess cognitive load on a hectic recruiter who is solely looking to slender ailing a doubtlessly giant lake of candidates.”

6. Construct it actionable.

Even with spare design parts, there’s best such a lot knowledge you’ll have compatibility into an infographic resume.

To provide recruiters any other playground to be told extra about your paintings {qualifications}, construct your resume actionable by way of together with hyperlinks for your portfolio, site, or LinkedIn.

“While I don’t love super creative infographic-style resumes, I love when someone hyperlinks to their portfolio or website, etc,” O’Sullivan provides. “That’s an amazing way to showcase both their experience and their thought process when it comes to applying for roles. If I see a hyperlink for one, 99% of the time, I will go and check that out.”

If you happen to do make a selection to build an infographic resume, check out a couple of of those examples for inspiration.

Infographic Resume Examples

1. The colourful, graphic-heavy infographic resume.

The resume underneath makes use of enough quantity of visions and numbers to focus on related knowledge. For example, there’s a graph to exhibit the weblog posts Caroline has written that experience earned a place at the first web page of Google.

There’s a massive “12” to focus on the years of content material founding below her belt. There’s even a picture of 10 stick figures to display her individuality.

 infographic resume examples, colorful, graphic-heavy infographic resume template

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Believe how you could worth one font, and a complementary colour palette, to build a alike infographic.

Caroline designed this one the use of one in all HubSpot’s detached infographic templates, so really feel detached to build the similar one the use of the templates, as smartly.

2. The knowledge-heavy infographic resume.

In please see infographic resume (additionally created the use of HubSpot’s templates), you’ll see Caroline highlighted maximum of her accomplishments the use of information — such because the 45% YoY enlargement, 1,400 spare subscribers, or 24,000 hours managing cut-off dates.

 infographic resume examples, Data-heavy infographic resume example

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She additionally impaired icons of a smiley face, pencil, and painter to display a few of her abilities in a extra sight method.

3. The minimum infographic resume.

The infographic resume underneath extra intently resembles a standard resume however comprises a couple of crystal clear design parts that assistance it arise out.

A gray infographic resume with pops of yellow design elements.

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This case is best possible for any individual who desires to exhibit each technical and artistic abilities in a qualified structure.

Lets see this infographic resume being impaired by way of any individual in advertising or gross sales.

4. The normal infographic resume.

This infographic resume extra intently resembles a standard resume however comprises a couple of crystal clear design parts that assistance it arise out.

An infographic resume on a white background with a bright orange left panel.

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This case is best possible for any individual who desires to construct their resume arise out however doesn’t wish to stray too some distance clear of the normal structure.

5. The pro infographic resume.

This resume additionally leans in opposition to a standard structure however accommodates extra crystal clear design parts than the former instance.

A white infographic resume with dark red accents used in icons and graphs

Symbol Supply

With a number of icons or even a bar graph on the base, this resume is extra design-friendly than an ordinary resume however remains to be skilled. It leaves enough quantity of room for textual content to enlarge on paintings revel in and achievements.

This infographic resume may well be impaired for a number of roles, from one thing technical like a device engineer to a extra sight place like a social media strategist.

Able to speed your resume to the upcoming stage? Grasp some starter templates underneath.

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