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Have you ensured to provide a great deal of content, links, and interactive material, but your website is still not growing? Have you noticed a recent drop in traffic without a particular reason? Do you need the advice to determine your future of action?

If any of these troubles seem familiar our team of experts at SEO Guys would recommend offering, you a website audit. As a result of growing experience, we can easily spot any problem and work out the most effective way to solve it accordingly.

What Exactly is Website Audit

In simple words it stands for full website analysis including a site’s SEO rankings in search engines, website errors, loading speed of a page, as well as content and structure optimization. We will examine the present setup and develop a specific personal method to optimize the functionality and overall quality.

Search Engine Optimization regulations and quality levels are constantly changing and evolving. Regular Google rankings are another source of credibility and authorization for your business, but it’s not an easy task to get on the list, considering all the factors, criteria, and strong competitiveness. With our experienced professionals, it all becomes possible.

In order to maximize the exposure of your company to the public and potential customers, and increase the chance of being recognized by a variety of search engines and other digital platforms, there are many audit services that SEO Guys gladly offer:

  • On-Page and Off-Page Audit
  • Website Design Counselling
  • Navigation and Accessibility Enhancement
  • Search Engine Regulations
  • Competition Investigation

Consequent to the completion of your website audit, our team will lay out all the uncovered problems, in addition to a data-based, calculated strategic recommendation for resolving the drought-up issues. This is very personal to each case, but overall, we can offer the following:

On-Page and Off-Page Audit

With an on-page audit, we will examine existing content, keywords, and other technical on-page features, to assess their effectiveness and suggest optimal development techniques. An off-page audit makes us focus on all the activities taking place externally from your site, and ensure SEO is running efficiently.

Website Design Counseling

SEO Guys can proudly offer you, top-notch web designers, with an eye for modern and appealing visual images. Our experts will analyze all your online content, to produce an overall report and optimization techniques.

UI/UX Analysis

User experience analysis is the process of evaluating the interaction between a user and a user-focused platform, whether it’s a website, application, or something different. By addressing this aspect, you’re looking at higher search results and better feedback from visitors and customers.

Search Engine Regulations

Sometimes eager attempts to grow your business exposure can be pointless or even hurt your company! To ensure that’s not the case, our team will observe your current strategy and analyze the statistics reports. We will also provide professional step-by-step optimization techniques, to better your traffic.

Conversion Rate Analysis & Recommendations

Conversion rates are especially important in determining how effective your website is at converting regular visitors into actual clients. Here, at SEO Guys we will conduct a deep and thorough study of your conversion rates and detect a way for their improvement.

Competition Investigation

It’s crucial to know who you’re competing against, to have a unique selling point. We will study other businesses in the market, to find their blind spots, which can become your brilliant windows for opportunity. Moreover, our team will investigate what works and doesn’t in your industry, this can prevent mistakes and allow for a smooth ride to success.

  • List of tags that can be optimized, to attract the desirable interest groups.
  • External and internal links that need adjustment.
  • List all the webpage components connected to their ratings, which determine the effectiveness and necessity of a particular section.
  • Suggested web SEO strategies that will deliver an overview of the main problems, as well as advisory solution options from our specialists.

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