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How to Grow Your Business on Instagram in 2023

In the 21st century, social media is a huge part of our lives. More specifically, Instagram alone has 800 million active users every month. Imagine how many of these people would be interested in your business?

However in order to have useful and beneficial engagement on your instagram, you need to first acquire followers. This takes time, but luckily there are ways to speed up the process either organically or not. With a structured and consistent strategy, this social media can quickly become a powerful tool for gaining new customers and overall exposure

Organic Ways to Grow Your Account

In the world of social media, “organic” means gaining followers naturally – by simply using the platform and free instruments available on it, to create a community and interact with it. Like all things, such growth has its own pros and cons. While it’s more likely you will acquire genuinely active and interested followers, the process is very time-consuming and tiring. Moreover a lot of interested individuals that could become engaging members of your audience, will simply not see the business due to the lack of exposure.

So how can your business grow, without paying to instagram directly?

  • Engage with Others in Your Market

    It’s always useful to gain tips and knowledge on development, by simply observing others. Moreover you can message similar accounts for SFS (shoutout for shoutout). This cross promotion benefits both sides and targets specifically your interest group.

  • Work with Influencers

    People that have a certain level of authority on social media, gain the ability to influence their followers. Utilize this by contacting them to promote your business, either in exchange for free products/services or a financial compensation.

  • Hashtags, Hashtags and More Hashtags

    Hashtags allow you to attract people with specific interests. They work as SEO, by placing your content under a particular search request. However, be sure to keep your tags relevant to each post and don’t use the same combination every time.

With dedication and consistency, you will start to see rewarding results, as your online community grows and widens.

On the other hand, some businesses choose to take a quick route and buy instagram followers straight ahead.

Inorganic Way of Growing Your Account

  • Purchase Followers

    This can make your business seem more successful and trust worthy, however most of the time, such following is completely non engaging. As a result, your per post activity will not benefit in any way. Therefore this option can be a stepping stone, but will not bring in any tangible results alone.

  • Instagram Advertisement

    Similar to Influencer promos, this is a quick way to be seen by a lot of people and bring in fresh activity to your profile. On Instagram you can choose to pay for either a sponsored story or a post. The great thing is the advanced settings of such advertisements, that allow you to set requirements for the target audience.

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