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Google Ads Management

In this digital era, online advertising is a game changer. Google dominates this marketplace, which is why countries all over the world use Google Ads for their online development and exposure.

The main benefit of this platform is the allowance to target your customers in specific and relevant ways. That’s achieved by allowing people to set a daily budget for each business, choose bids and keywords. The settings also give an opportunity to set ad schedules, location settings, as well as mobile device settings.

SEO Guys offer to manage your google ads smartly - by depending on deep data analysis and major past experience. Our company’s experts will strategically construct a unique plan that will fit your requirements and the characteristics of your business. Our work consistently leads to quick growth, as it can immediately display a business at the top of a search page!

However while this traffic is immediate, it’s important to remember the prices and even bids for more effective and common keywords. Therefore while Google Ads can be very rewarding, they come with a certain risk and required knowledge base for their setup. By allowing our team of specialists to run your ads we can ensure you don’t waste any money and utilize the platform as efficiently as possible.

Here is How We Manage Your Advertisements:

  • We strategically analyze your business and those of your competitors. This insight will educate us on what content and messages seem to succeed the most in your industry.
  • Our company works out the most optimal content, we ensure to consult it with you, in order to make adjustments that will fully satisfy both sides. This final version of the material gets a placement in a strategically structured content plan. A schedule of posts is essential to have a constant presence on the platforms, keep up to speed with new opportunities, company news and other changing factors in Dubai and all over the world.
  • Next, SEO Guys integrate paid social campaigns which ensure the material is not wasted, but highly exposed and recognized by the public. This boosts traffic on all aspects of a business, but requires constant monitoring and optimization in correlation with the data.
  • Advertisement is not the only thing that requires tracking, as audience, engagement rates, leads and ROI all allow for possibilities of optimization. By paying close attention to these factors, we will ensure your social media marketing is being utilized as effectively as possible, to minimize the spends and maximize the outcome! Subsequently to any activity come reviews and opinion of the public. These will also be regarded to find out the satisfactory ratings and ways of their improvement.
  • Lastly we will add a variety of engaging options to share your content, optional website social feed, installation of social widgets and much more!
Google Text Ads

Google Text Ads

Well structured text ads are essential to a high-performing PPC campaign, as they’re the first point of interaction a potential customer has with your brand on the Google Network. Here at SEO Guys we logically construct appealing text, and implement essential keywords that will minimize the cost and attract as many clients as possible. Our work is powered by extended experience and expertise in the SEO department.

Google Shopping Ads

Google Shopping Ads are a great way to list your products on the search platform - if done correctly, your items will appear on top of the search page. Our in house experts will work out and utilize the most optimal settings and keywords, to make your advertisement visible and informative to the public.

Google Shopping Ads
Google Display Ads

Google Display Ads

Different from traditional search ads, Google display ads are promotions that appear to users across 2 million websites, videos, and applications that are a part of the Google Display Network (GDN), based on their past online activity. This can be a great way to let people know about your company without being interaptive, and specifically target potential clients.

Google Retargeting Ads

Not all visitors make a purchase the first time they visit a website, sometimes an extra is just necessary! Retargeting enables your company to drive promising customers back to your website to persuade them into action. On top of regular webpage retargeting, our team can set up a specific data range, to focus on particular URLs and more.

Google Retargeting Ads

Whether you need help adjusting and optimizing your current ads campaign, or you need a completely new campaign setup, we - SEO Guys, would be honored to assist you and ensure that google advertisement is used to its fullest potential.